Is it possible to have smooth and gloriously clear skin? To have actual lustrous and silky hair? And (if we’re a tad more ambitious) achieve all of this without having to pledge our firstborn to the beauty salon next door?

Yes! It absolutely is.
And, it’s oh-so-easy.

Shiny locks and glowing, unblemished skin isn’t just a lie sold to you through smart photoshopping and filters. Oh no. It actually exists and is surprisingly achievable. All you need is a few easy-breezy tips and tricks up your sleeve. And – you guessed it – we’ve got the entire scoop right here.

1For Silky And Voluminous Locks

1.For Silky And Voluminous Locks

Suffering from greasy, lanky hair with absolutely no volume? Sea salt to the rescue! Simply add 2 to 3 tbsp of sea salt to your go-to shampoo and remember to always massage the roots of your hair while shampooing. You will have voluminous locks that stay grease-free for longer.