From the ‘nose shaper’ to the ‘five-day underarm pad’ – we look at some of the weirdest, and funniest, vintage beauty tips…

2The roaring twenties

Twenties gals benefited from the advice of beauty experts, who were on hand to help them make the most of their looks. Top tips from Gloria Goddard’s 1926 Simple Beauty Hints include:

– Don’t let the chin bury itself in the neck. Keep it high.

– Don’t use every new cosmetic you see advertised or hear recommended. Let other girls have a chance to ruin their skin.

– Don’t wriggle the feet or fingers. Find other less hideous outlets for your nervous energy.

Recreate the 20s look with deep shades of eye shadow swept across the whole eyelid, and dark shades of lippy – with pouty bow lips – and plucked, arched eyebrows. And gone were the days of ladies pinching their cheeks to achieve a comely flush – rouge was no longer the preserve of harlots and actresses, and was quite in fashion.